The Hexagon BraceletThe Hexagon Bracelet

The Hexagon Bracelet

Rs. 1,600
3D elephant - Gold3D elephant - Gold

3D elephant - Gold

Rs. 1,250
The Crossover BraceletThe Crossover Bracelet

The Crossover Bracelet

Rs. 1,600
White Turquoise ChokerWhite Turquoise Choker

White Turquoise Choker

Rs. 1,450
Gold LeafGold Leaf

Gold Leaf

Rs. 990
Fish bone Choker - RosegoldFish bone Choker - Rosegold

Fish bone Choker - Rosegold

Rs. 1,450
Leaf StructuredLeaf Structured

Leaf Structured

Rs. 1,450
Netted Dragon fly- GoldNetted Dragon fly- Gold

Netted Dragon fly- Gold

Rs. 1,250
D BraceletD Bracelet

D Bracelet

Rs. 1,500
Wavy gold hoop - largeWavy gold hoop - large

Wavy gold hoop - large

Rs. 1,600
Elephant - Long chainElephant - Long chain

Elephant - Long chain

Rs. 1,100
Night Sky Starry Necklace
Sold out

Night Sky Starry Necklace

Rs. 1,200
Geometric necklaceGeometric necklace

Geometric necklace

Rs. 1,650
Large Wavy bar hook - GoldLarge Wavy bar hook - Gold

Large Wavy bar hook - Gold

From Rs. 1,350
Owl - Long ChainOwl - Long Chain

Owl - Long Chain

Rs. 990
Oval Hoop GoldOval Hoop Gold

Oval Hoop Gold

Rs. 1,500
Cross Wired BraceletCross Wired Bracelet

Cross Wired Bracelet

Rs. 2,500
Hexagon Nest - GoldHexagon Nest - Gold

Hexagon Nest - Gold

Rs. 1,500
Unicorn- Long ChainUnicorn- Long Chain

Unicorn- Long Chain

Rs. 990
Double Bar BraceletDouble Bar Bracelet

Double Bar Bracelet

Rs. 1,850
Twisted Oval Hoop - GoldTwisted Oval Hoop - Gold

Twisted Oval Hoop - Gold

Rs. 1,600

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