Cluster Of Hearts Toe ring / Finger ringCluster Of Hearts Toe ring / Finger ring
Sold out
Honeycomb earringHoneycomb earring

Honeycomb earring

Rs. 375
House Stud

House Stud

Rs. 490
Intricate Ethnic EarringIntricate Ethnic Earring

Intricate Ethnic Earring

Rs. 875
Cascading Criss crossCascading Criss cross
Sold out

Cascading Criss cross

Rs. 780
Cascading CirclesCascading Circles

Cascading Circles

Rs. 550
Clover Stud MediumClover Stud Medium

Clover Stud Medium

Rs. 490
Long Hollow Rectangle StudLong Hollow Rectangle Stud

Long Hollow Rectangle Stud

Rs. 650
Circle Solid StudCircle Solid Stud

Circle Solid Stud

Rs. 430
Spiral Brass EarringSpiral Brass Earring
Sold out

Spiral Brass Earring

Rs. 690
Brass Lotus on a slabBrass Lotus on a slab

Brass Lotus on a slab

Rs. 850
Starry earring in a HoopStarry earring in a Hoop
Sold out

Starry earring in a Hoop

Rs. 940
Mandala Oval StudMandala Oval Stud

Mandala Oval Stud

Rs. 760
Inverted Life of TreeInverted Life of Tree

Inverted Life of Tree

Rs. 350
Elephant StudElephant Stud
Sold out

Elephant Stud

Rs. 730
Weaved Brass RingWeaved Brass Ring
Sold out

Weaved Brass Ring

Rs. 650
Textured  twin Leaf RingTextured  twin Leaf Ring
Sold out

Textured twin Leaf Ring

Rs. 470
Twin flower RingTwin flower Ring

Twin flower Ring

Rs. 690
The Spiked ringThe Spiked ring

The Spiked ring

Rs. 770
Cutwork Band  ringCutwork Band  ring

Cutwork Band ring

Rs. 530
Curly Ring - Silver toneCurly Ring - Silver tone

Curly Ring - Silver tone

Rs. 970

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