The Open Heart ringThe Open Heart ring

The Open Heart ring

Rs. 850
Twisted Leaf Finger RingTwisted Leaf Finger Ring

Twisted Leaf Finger Ring

Rs. 600
Foliage Finger RingFoliage Finger Ring

Foliage Finger Ring

Rs. 850
Melting Gold Finger RingMelting Gold Finger Ring

Melting Gold Finger Ring

Rs. 950
Carved Nest Finger RingCarved Nest Finger Ring

Carved Nest Finger Ring

Rs. 1,500
Folded finger ring - Silver toneFolded finger ring - Silver tone

Folded finger ring - Silver tone

From Rs. 750
Braided Ring - SilverBraided Ring - Silver

Braided Ring - Silver

Rs. 750
Oval Brick Finger RingOval Brick Finger Ring

Oval Brick Finger Ring

Rs. 780
Stripped Finger Ring- Silver platedStripped Finger Ring- Silver plated

Stripped Finger Ring- Silver plated

From Rs. 650
Triple Wheel RingTriple Wheel Ring

Triple Wheel Ring

Rs. 790
Butterfly Wing RingButterfly Wing Ring

Butterfly Wing Ring

Rs. 575
Parallel V ring - SilverParallel V ring - Silver

Parallel V ring - Silver

Rs. 660
Jagged Leaf RingJagged Leaf Ring

Jagged Leaf Ring

Rs. 950
Tribal Art RingTribal Art Ring

Tribal Art Ring

Rs. 990
Lioness RingLioness Ring

Lioness Ring

Rs. 1,500
Exclamatory Ring

Exclamatory Ring

Rs. 750

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