House Stud

House Stud

Rs. 490
Cascading CirclesCascading Circles

Cascading Circles

Rs. 550
Long Hollow Rectangle StudLong Hollow Rectangle Stud

Long Hollow Rectangle Stud

Rs. 650
Mandala Oval StudMandala Oval Stud
Sold out

Mandala Oval Stud

Rs. 760
Inverted Life of TreeInverted Life of Tree
Sold out

Inverted Life of Tree

Rs. 350
Circles InterlinkedCircles Interlinked

Circles Interlinked

Rs. 350
Long hook and Cone DanglerLong hook and Cone Dangler

Long hook and Cone Dangler

Rs. 375
Lightening HoopLightening Hoop

Lightening Hoop

Rs. 290
Sunray in a HoopSunray in a Hoop

Sunray in a Hoop

Rs. 500
Long Leaf StudLong Leaf Stud

Long Leaf Stud

Rs. 1,100
Gold LeafGold Leaf
Sold out

Gold Leaf

Rs. 990
Lotus and BarLotus and Bar

Lotus and Bar

Rs. 2,100
Triangle Hoop hammeredTriangle Hoop hammered

Triangle Hoop hammered

Rs. 780
3D elephant - Gold3D elephant - Gold
Sold out

3D elephant - Gold

Rs. 1,250
Netted Dragonfly- GoldNetted Dragonfly- Gold
Sold out

Netted Dragonfly- Gold

Rs. 1,250
Flower Fringe(Silver & Gold)Flower Fringe(Silver & Gold)

Flower Fringe(Silver & Gold)

Rs. 2,990
Large Wired Brass HoopLarge Wired Brass Hoop

Large Wired Brass Hoop

Rs. 1,500
Wired Brass hoopWired Brass hoop

Wired Brass hoop

Rs. 1,200
Maze Earring- largeMaze Earring- large

Maze Earring- large

Rs. 675
Morrocon cutworkMorrocon cutwork

Morrocon cutwork

Rs. 480

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