Who We Are

Born and brought up in Coimbatore, surrounded by a closely-knit family, where every occasion was celebrated with extravagance and called for donning the most fancy jewellery we owned, it was all but natural for me to shift to crafting jewellery of my own!
In my early years, craft had taken a back seat, and life and marriage took me to the United states. My life was filled with the demands of managing a home, and two beautiful children but I had always had a fire to be financially independent. One warm afternoon in Memphis was all it took to fan the flames!
I had gone to visit a bead show and was ecstatic to see an entire large room filled with colorful beads. The child in me surfaced and  I collected a good set of beads for $100 (the initial investment I would say!). On coming home I studied stringing and beading, with a couple of youtube videos and self-taught myself on how to put together a necklace. And Voila! Urbanitii had formed!
Finding the right raw materials and putting them together myself gave me a different kind of joy and with further encouragement from friends and family, I started shaping my brand.  We started expanding our base in the US and when we moved to India in the year 2016, the reception was so warm and welcoming, it was all I needed to keep going.
Today, Urbanitii is a well-established brand which contains an exquisite line of jewellery for the modern you. We host well curated and semi designed collections for everyday and festive use. We plan to keep growing and crafting in the future years.
We are so glad to have you on this journey.