Full Circle Leaf Toe RingFull Circle Leaf Toe Ring

Full Circle Leaf Toe Ring

Rs. 750
Half Circle Leaf Toe RingHalf Circle Leaf Toe Ring

Half Circle Leaf Toe Ring

Rs. 750
Triangled Toe RingTriangled Toe Ring

Triangled Toe Ring

Rs. 700
Basket Weave Toe RingBasket Weave Toe Ring

Basket Weave Toe Ring

Rs. 890
Netted Toe RingNetted Toe Ring
Sold out

Netted Toe Ring

Rs. 700
Chevron Toe RingChevron Toe Ring

Chevron Toe Ring

Rs. 850
Squared Toe RingSquared Toe Ring

Squared Toe Ring

Rs. 850
Linear Toe RingLinear Toe Ring

Linear Toe Ring

Rs. 800
Overlapped Toe RingOverlapped Toe Ring

Overlapped Toe Ring

Rs. 750
The Knotted RingThe Knotted Ring

The Knotted Ring

Rs. 650
Textured  Twin Leaf RingsTextured  Twin Leaf Rings

Textured Twin Leaf Rings

Rs. 940
Double Ring Toe RingDouble Ring Toe Ring
Sold out

Double Ring Toe Ring

Rs. 750
Silver Disc and LotusSilver Disc and Lotus
Sold out

Silver Disc and Lotus

Rs. 850
Hoop And Brass DiscHoop And Brass Disc

Hoop And Brass Disc

Rs. 550
Leaf RingLeaf Ring

Leaf Ring

Rs. 690
Interconnected TrianglesInterconnected Triangles

Interconnected Triangles

Rs. 950

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